Becoming a Vendor

We make your life easy by making quick on time stock deliveries to you as you need them.

Get starting stock and product display units at no initial cost.

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  Display Unit and Starting Stock

When you join us as a vendor we'll provide a great looking display unit for you to put into your shop to help sell our products.

We'll stock the display unit at no cost to you, and you can pay us for the stock as you sell it.

This means you have no risk in trying to sell our products; if the products sell you make a profit, and if they don't you simply return the products to us at no cost to you.

  Quick Deliveries

We work closely with vendors to make sure you have products in hand to make the sale.

We know that having a reliable source of inventory is key to being vendor confidence.

  Pay as you Sell Credit

We'll give you stock at no upfront cost; you pay for products as you sell them.

We'll collect the payment when we come to restock your inventory.

No Risk!

You take no risk in offering GEAR products, if the items don't sell you are not stuck paying for them, either leave them on the shelf or return them; you don't need to pay for products until they are sold.